RangersRush Forum Rules
and answers to frequently asked questions
Appropriate Conduct: Users are expected to respect other posters.  The privacy of other posters along with treat their fellow forum members with the respect and courtesy that one would expect from another individual in a face-to-face meeting.  Personal insults are completely unacceptable.  Please respect the diversity of those who visit the forum, some are male, female, younger, older, and those who support rival teams are to be welcomed.  Pornography, insults, and overall disruptive behaviour may result in immediate banning with a possiblity that your internet provider may be contacted.
Posting of links: If you have a relevant link, something relating directly to the OHL, or this team in general feel free to post it, but please only post it once.
Language: If it is not acceptable in an 8th grade classroom, it is not appropriate here, please keep in mind that minors do frequent these forums.  In the respect of some of the younger posters, if you are prone to spelling errors, we ask that you please consider typing your message out in a word processor similar to Microsoft Word and then spellcheck and then cut and paste, aside from the more accurate or more understandable writing you will have a copy of your message should it get lost while posting.
Why Register?  Registeration is the only way to either post or vote in polls.  Aside from that you will get a small mailbox to help you communicate with other posters.
I'm Worried about junk e-mail: There is only one administrator, who has access to the e-mail addresses in order to help mainly with troubleshooting.  You will have a message when you sign up and if you opt to in your preferences you will get an e-mail alert each time you get a private message, but that function is yours to turn off.  Forum administration does have the power to send mass mailings out, it has only been down once due to concerns about possibly losing all key forum information when the server was changed in March of 2005.  The mass e-mail function will be used in similar events or to alert about cancelation of games.
Someone is sending me abusive messages: Please contact your moderator and immediate action will take place.